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When we went on holiday to Tenerife year decided last year my wife to visit the nudist beach as usual throughout the area for sunbathing, knowing that bothers me more to see me, her naked body, I look, but without play. who are frustrated after a while, I went for a walk, especially to find a place to urinate and masturbate could also think of the naked body of my wife, and what I will be happy with it you have to do. Meanwhle, a French tourist who had spoken before, I also saw my wife was alone, and apparently decided it was his last day is a holiday, would exhaust its stvid free money for a good while and dared me join wife offered € 50 in your circle of loneliness of the rocks. He said with a condom, which he had in mind. My wife was a little surprised, but then again, and said : OK, but I found it because she would stvid not do anything, if your account for security reasons (and, of course, she loves me I make fun of wiFirst of another man). any case, the French guy quickly found me and took me back to the circle isolated from the stones, which gave my wife of 50 €, and within minutes I was watching my ' religious woman,' a 'whore paid 'again, and lying on your back with your legs in the air, when the French guy took it eagerly groping her breasts while naked, and soon finds himself in the condom spunk deep inside my wife, ready to fuck a roar. Then there was my wife I look deep into her pussy open uses, while uprooted and told stvid me how nice it was to catch a 'real man', especially in what you pay for the privilege. Later I asked my wife to go to the pharmacy 'paid ' to buy a large package of condoms, which decided that stvid the holiday would not lose the opportunity to have some sexy fun with men, and earn money. stvid ( Hooker ) ( his insistence on more damage than for financial reasons because they do not need the money now) When I returned, with the withcondoms my wife ordered me to take another kind. I told him that not many people put a lot of money to the beach, so she said she would be the venue for the price of two of us that only about 30 € in the Canary Islands. Soon another guy was fucking my wife for 30 € for the 'whore pays ' while I watched. This time the guy on my back and my wife straddled him, falling down on his rigid hard tail, then jumped up and down, as he went deep, molded her breasts, and then whipping her buttocks as he attracted to him and kissed stvid her hard, and tell him that for a great fuck. Not long after I saw a Spanish man who was sunbathing nude stvid hard cock and the other half, who had been enormous. I asked if I wanted to fuck my wife! He was very interested, but said he had no money, so I thought quickly and told him that I told my wife that I had already paid, so I agreed and accompianedtake back to my wife stvid in her solitary stone circle. My wife told me that he was paid, agreed to do everything you asked, as she was sucking his naked tail that grew and grew as he took his mouth tightly. Then said she goes to bed, so use a condom in it ( with a big strungle as now ) and went to bed, and took the head of his cock into her pussy. Slowly, he crawled his way deep into it, and my wife struggled to make his big cock while my wife 's face grimaced in pain, but both persevered and once it was fully absorbed in her pussy my wife, who created the rate of entry and exit in and out, and my wife has changed _expression, a joy. He continued to fuck her for a while, then said he was about to end. My wife asked him ' do not listen, please listen............ fuck me.. fuck me..... I feel so beautiful! ' has been great to see this excited great guy fucking my wife with such skill, especially since I knew she thought I was paid, and yet I knew he fucks free. so stvid fuck my wife, it was gradually accelerated until my wife yelled ' Shoot Shoot... NOW....... Give me all your courage ' is how I saw tight buttocks, his balls sprayed all his cum in my pussy wife. (More to do, such as condoms had burst in his big cock and was pulling his hair, said the wh, said, ' You feel so good). (luckily no harm came of this meeting bareback and do not listen to my wife with further meetings in this nude beach. 24 boys fuck my wife for the next two weeks and my wife started cursing again, even when he returns from vacation! I love my wife gets fucked like a slut, especially stvid after seeing the open cunt used, while my wife says she still tight pussy fucking other men, while I reflect on my hand, with its ' rejection' to me, maybe on my birthday or our wedding anniversary (as stvid well as on the occasions I had to backpay for my own woman and a condom today, the slut !
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